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2014 Ice Fishing Photos

Lake Winnipesaukee
White Perch Ice Fishing


Want to know where your fish comes from?
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TMO Owner & Ice Team Pro Tim Moore
with Lake Winnipesaukee white perch.


The ice fishing season on Lake Winnipesaukee is from January 1st through March 31st each year. It is rare to not have safe ice during the season. When conditions permit we will guide on some central water bodies as early as mid-December for brook and brown trout, and panfish. We accept bookings year round so don't put it off thinking you will have your choice of dates. We have a growing number of returning guests who book their trips well in advance.

Our trips are as mobile as the weather and number of guests allow us to be. Mobility is usually the key to staying on fish during the middle of the day when fishing is usually the slowest. More clients or inclement weather means less moving around.

When the weather is good, we will stay outside as much as possible and not set up a shelter.

When we have inclement weather (rain, heavy snow, high winds) we will set up our heated Clam Six-Pack 1550 Mag portable hub shelter that easily accommodates three anglers while fishing inside, or as many as six anglers not fishing inside. When the weather prevents us from fishing outside, we will set tip-ups and stay inside where it is warm and out of the weather.


Warm clothes; It is better to wear it and not need it. You can always remove layers if you get too warm.

Loose layers work best (tight clothes restrict circulation and mobility).
Polypropylene or merino wool is a great start.
Fleece vests help keep your core warm.

Finish it off with something waterproof like ski pants and a ski jacket, or...
  • Companies such as Clam Outdoors now make suits specifically designed for ice fishing. The Ice Armor Edge Suit is like wearing a portable fish house on the ice. They are worth every pennie. We have one size medium Edge suit that we rent for $25 per day. Scroll down to view a sizing chart to see if it will fit you.

Avoid cotton! They don't call it the silent killer for nothing. Wet or damp cotton draws heat away from your body.

GOOD BOOTS, GOOD BOOTS, GOOD BOOTS! You will be standing on ice, your feet will get cold first, and stay cold the longest. We provide a portable fish house but do you want to be stuck in it all day? Attempting to "tough it out" only creates a distraction from all the fun you could be having.

Creepers for traction on ice. We have a limited number of cheap creepers that we can loan. You must tell us in advance if you need them.

Warm gloves or mittens (we prefer loose fitting mittens like Ice Armor X-Mitts by Clam Outdoors) They are warm and easy to take on and off when handling numerous fish.

Snacks and drinks. Hot chocolate is always a nice treat on a cold day and a good way to warm up.

Alcohol will make you get colder faster. If you're worried about being cold, we highly suggest not drinking alcohol the night before or during your trip.

A New Hampshire freshwater fishing license is required by law and not included in your trip. You can purchase a NH freshwater fishing license by clicking HERE.

We promote S.A.F.E. angling and encourage catch-and-release. We also love to eat fish and are not opposed to keeping fish to eat. If you plan on keeping fish to eat you will need to bring something to put them in. For more info on S.A.F.E. angling visit the recycled fish website.


 Another great Lake Winnipesaukee
ice fishing trip


- Full Time Guide
- All Bait
- All Tackle (Jig rods, tip-ups, hooks, jigs, etc.)
- Transportation on and off the ice via snowmobile
  (as long as ice conditions allow)
- Hand and foot warmers
- Portable Heated Fish House
- Access to all digital media taken
- 8 hours of fun...and fish
- All trips run from 7am - 3pm
  Guests are welcome to arrive and depart any time during trip


- Meals and lodging (we can make recommendations)
- Customary Gratuity
- Fishing License (required


or your second trip is free
(Full price trips only)

FULLY-GUIDED (8 hours)                           $350 (1-2 people)

Additional Guests                                       $65/person

Ice Armor Edge Suit Rental                       $25/day
(size: medium)
See sizing chart below

Kids under 12 fish free.

(maximum of two free kids)

We can accommodate large groups.


A $100 non-refundable deposit is due within five days of booking.

Balance is due no later than five days prior to trip.

If trip is booked within ten days of trip,
payment in full is required.

It is the guest's responsibility to make payments on time.
We do not send out reminders.

Failure to meet the above policies and deadlines will cause
cancellation of trip without refund.

If guest cancels trip for any reason, amounts paid will be refunded
only if specified trip date(s) can be filled by another client.

In the event that we need to cancel a trip we will reschedule your trip for another date.

Otherwise NO REFUNDS



Book your NH ice fishing trip today!

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As always, when ice fishing with Tim Moore Outdoors,
we guarantee fish
or your second trip is free!
(Full price trips only)

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